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Your branding transformed into

customisable animated templates




whatis it?

a motion branding toolkit is a package of customisable, animated elements & templates for Premiere Pro* tailor-made for you brand. 

logo animation / stories / dynamic titles / transitions / moving frames / motion stories / animated quotes / 

call-outs / outro's / ... in any format

forwhois it ?

for anyone who wants to create

attractive & dynamic content for their brand in no time. 

whether or not they have any graphic or video background

instagram & facebook posts / stories / product

ads / hr-videos / announcements / infographics / testimonials / reviews / contests / ... you name it

whydo i need this?

howdoes it work?

drag & drop, adjust text, replace image, change colors & publish. 

a series of short videos and gifs, or combine multiple instance 

to create engaging stories. 

for small start-ups to large organisations in any field:

designers / HR recruiters / festivals / shops / creators / ... 

with or without a communication department 

because your brand needs to be top of mind

but you either lack time, or skills, or budget to regularly

create & share dynamic & attractive content for your brand.

edit any title or text, adjust colors & style,

replace image or video, change custom parameters, 

export & publish! 

reach out to us for more info

or a quote:

+32 484 082 196

we offer toolkits for small businesses , medium organisations

and large corporations. 

for start-ups and small businesses

logo reveal, intro & outro
+ call to action 
+ 1 customizable
video ad for social media

*for square video only

for medium size businesses

and organisations

logo reveal, intro & outro

+ call to action

+ 2 animated stories

2 customizable

video ads for social media

+ video overlay package 

*for different screen sizes & formats: 

square / vertical / horizontal 


for larger businesses

and organisations


this toolkit includes

everything from the  advanced toolkit


additional elements for brands with specific needs. 

*for different screen sizes & formats: 

square / vertical / horizontal 




*: all our motion branding templates are compatible with premiere pro by adobe

everyone with a creative cloud subscription has access to the easy to use video editing tool premiere pro. 

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