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Create eye-catching content

for your brand

with motion branding

Tailor-made motion

your visual identity translated into animated elements & templates  

eye-catching stories, unique video ads, product & promo videos, animated quotes, callouts, logo reveals, video overlays & more

Create & share

dozens of videos

with a versatile toolkit for your brand

easy drag & drop (in Premiere Pro**)

edit text, adjust colours & style,

replace images or video, 

add animated icons or shapes, 

combine multiple instances, 

export & publish! 


an animated message is 95% more likely to be

remembered than static text. 


Motion branding

Create & share dynamic content in your branding

need advice, demo, or a quote?

Call or mail us! 

**our motion branding templates & toolkits are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro

- available in your Creative Cloud. (Our templates are pay once, use forever. not subscription-based)

About is a concept by motion design studio Kitchhock.


many brands struggle to keep up with the current pace of content creation. they either lack time, skills or budget to make their content stand out.

that's why we develop motion branding templates & toolkits 

helping brands to create & share attractive content.

in no time.

Make your brand top of mind

with moving content!

pssst. do you want our studio to create amazing content for you? 
promo videos, explainer animations, commercials and more. 

check our portfolio at kitchhock

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