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about is a concept created by belgian motion design studio 

the idea to create motion branding toolkits for brands arose by seeing too many organisations

struggle with poor online content, because they lack time, talent, budget or both. 

communication budgets used to be focused on a few big ads or lengthy animations. 

today however, in a world driven by social media, brands need to trigger

their audience on a much more regular basis to stay top of mind. 

a lot more content needs to be produced within the same timeframe and budget. 

as a result, much of what viewers get to see is either boring, static, or poorly designed. 

that is especially the case for small and medium size organisations, where one or a few people are responsible for the social media channels of the brand. although these people often have a communication or graphic design background, they often lack time and sometimes skills too (e.g. motion design or animation) to create appetising content at the pace of large corporations. 

unless you work with our

motion branding toolkits

the technique is not new. in fact it is being used for quite some time in the workflow of television

and in the communication departments of large corporations.  however, small and medium organisations still depend on their few in-house talents or expensive animation studio's for their content. 

that's what we want to change. 

because we are the expensive talents that you (used to) hire once a year, 

but instead of focusing on that one time expensive piece, we use our skills and your budget

to make something with which you can create your own quality content, all year round 

as if you had the talents and / or budget of a multinational. 


in other words, it's a win-win: because we get more work and

you can create dozens of videos for the price of one! 

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